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Learn English with STAR! ESOL
(English for Speakers of Other Languages)

English Lessons | ESOL Training Online | New Zealand

STAR Language and Literacy can help you successfully learn the English language. Whether you have a child learning English as a second language or you are an adult preparing to pass your IELTS (The International English Language Testing System), we can help. STAR offers the best tools, strategies, and tutoring to support you in becoming a confident English speaker.


Whether you want to migrate to an English-speaking country or study or work in New Zealand, STAR can provide English lessons to help you achieve success. With our ESOL training service, you will be mentored on English vocabulary and grammar, practising English with a competent, native English speaker. Receive direct guidance, examples and many opportunities to apply what you learn - with both spoken and written English language. 

We offer engaging one-on-one appointments in a convenient online format. STAR English lessons begin at whatever level you need to start with, and will help you develop all the necessary skills to converse in the English language. 


For exceptional ESOL training with a New Zealand-based professional, contact STAR today.

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