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28 colourful pictures using the aspiration trick for the "F" sound.

Presented in a PDF document with one set per page, i.e. 28 pages total. 

Examples include "F" + "hairy" = "fairy", "F" + "hold" = "fold".


The "F" is represented by a Bugs Bunny face, where young learners can refer to this as a visual reminder to make the "F" sound. This is because we make our top front teeth 'big' like Bugs Bunny then put them over our bottom lip.


Above the Bugs Bunny image is a picture of a mouth shape as an additional prompt to make the "F" sound.


The target words are written below each picture where the target sound ("F") is written in red, while the red of the word is written in green.


Suitable for NZ English speakers.

F aspiration trick

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