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Minimal pairs are a speech therapy technique that contrast two (“pairs”) in only one (“minimal”) sound. These help to train Learners to discriminate between a sound they use accurately against a sound they use in error. This confronts their sound system and facilitates a system-wide change.


An example of a minimal pair contrast in this set is: “swing” ~ “wing”


Please note that these contrasts are in a sound only, not the spelling. 


The target words have been provided in each of the 8 pairs in this set. The sounds being contrasted are written in red, while the rest of the word is written in green.


Please be aware of your own accent and ensure that the two words sound the same except for the targeted sound differences. If they do not, please exclude these.


If you would prefer a digital set of these contrasts, please go to and search either under “Auditory Discrimination” or "S-Cluster Reduction".

Minimal Pairs "SW" vs "W"

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