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Colourful pictures of common irregular plural words in the form of flashcards. With children, you can play different games with the cards, such as memory, snap, or go fish. You can also use these cards when playing another game, e.g. pop up pirate, where the child says the correct irregular plural then takes a turn in the game.

--- 8x purple: "keep the word the same", e.g. "sheep"
--- 8x blue: "f --> ves" ending, e.g. "wolf" to "wolves"
--- 8x green: change the vowel or whole word, e.g. "foot" to "feet"


There are four sets for each coloured irregular plural:

A - singular and plural with pictures and words
B - singular and plural with pictures only
C - plural only with pictures and words
D - plural only with pictures only

You can work through these in a type of hierarchy. "A" is the easiest because the words are written for both the singular and plural targets, "D" is the hardest because the student will need to remember not only the plural to use but also what the singular word is.


Suitable for NZ English speakers

Irregular Plurals

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