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Structured Literacy

Reading and Writing Tutoring in Tauranga and Bay of Plenty

Develop reading and writing skills with one-on-one tutoring and support

As a Tauranga reading and writing tutor, we offer tailored support to learn, practice or consolidate any aspect of reading or writing.


Star Language and Literacy can support clients of all ages:

  • Preschoolers: learning foundational literacy skills, such as phonological awareness skills,

  • Young school age students: learning letter-sound correspondence and beginning to read;

  • Older school age students: strengthen reading comprehension and write more detailed content;

  • Young adults: building their skills to interpret or create nuanced literature.

STAR gives all Learners individualised attention that they may not receive in a crowded classroom, helping both Learners who struggle to keep up and those who aren't challenged enough. It also keeps Learners on track during breaks from school, whether a short mid-term break or the longer summer break

What's more, many Learners have a different learning style to that presented in the classroom. Our one-on-one reading and writing tutoring and support allows for varied and individualised teaching with repetition in a supportive environment. The Learner is guided at their own pace, taught strategies to consolidate new skills, and is provided with additional activities to practice in between lessons.

Structured Literacy is:

Explicit ~ deliberate teaching of all concepts, no assumptions!

Systematic ~ the introduction of concepts are in a logical order and in a predictable format

Sequential ~ concepts start easy and basic and progress forward

Cumulative ~ each step is based on what has been previously learned and builds upon them

Diagnostic ~ students are moved on when they show they are ready for the next stage. Information is gathered through observation (informal), checking mastery through tasks, and formal assessment.

An approach originally supporting students with dyslexia, structured literacy benefits all Learners!!

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Star Language and Literacy is trained in the Structured Literacy approach called Sounds~Write

Watch these free courses to learn about the Initial Code Units 1-7 and Units 8-11.

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