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How Teletherapy Works

In this article, there is information about:

  • What teletherapy is and how it works

  • What is needed to do teletherapy

  • How to make the teletherapy session run smoothly

  • Specific details about your teletherapy login

  • Payment for teletherapy appointments

1. What teletherapy is and how it works

Teletherapy is a way of providing therapy through a live video connection over the internet. You are provided with the same treatment as you would in person – it is just done through a computer. Children and adolescents are familiar with working with devices and are often highly engaged in doing therapy this way. Teletherapy is “live”, i.e. in real-time, with a qualified Speech-Language Therapist. It is interactive – there are the usual audio and visual connections you get from well-known platforms like Skype and FaceTime. But, additionally, Therapists also can share their screen with you, connect you into interactive games and allow remote access to their mouse. You simply connect with a Therapist at an agreed day and time, log on to the platform and begin!

2. What is needed to do teletherapy

For teletherapy to be effective, two things must be in place – the necessary equipment and a support person for technical and behavioural support:

The necessary equipment:

  • An internet connection.

  • A computer (Windows or Mac). While it is possible to connect via a tablet or phone, it is easier to see on a bigger screen.

  • A microphone, speaker, and webcam. These are typically already built into computers. It helps if you test these before your appointment.

  • A positive attitude! Therapists are thrilled to be able to provide communication-enhancing strategies and techniques with you and your loved ones. We work hard to ensure you have an enjoyable appointment and make progress.

A support person:

  • Whether they are sitting right next to the person requiring therapy, or just near-by, it is helpful to have someone else who can troubleshoot any technical issues that may arise.

  • For young children, an adult must be with them, working with the Therapist to gently bring the child back to the task where required. Part of the therapy session will also include interactive games and breaks to help support longer attendance during the therapy appointment.

3. How to make the teletherapy session run smoothly

  • It is recommended to check that you have the necessary tools “good to go” at least five minutes before your therapy session is due to start.

  • Remove any external distractions. You could do so by turning off the T.V. and music or setting up younger children with some quiet entertainment.

  • Having a drink is OK during sessions, but please do not eat food during the appointment. Therapists often need a clear view of your mouth!

4. Specific details about your teletherapy login

Vocalsaints is using the platform Zoom. You will need to download the free Zoom software onto your computer before your very first appointment, but don’t worry – we’ll walk you through the straightforward steps involved with this. For subsequent meetings, you just need to click on the provided link, and it will open up as required. You’ll then see your Therapist log on, and you’ll be able to see and hear one another.

5. Payment for teletherapy appointments

Payment is either made online via bank payment to Vocalsaints’ nominated bank account or via credit card using a secure online system. Please note that payment is required within 24 hours following an appointment.

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